What is MacRemover

MacRemover is an easy-to-use application that helps you uninstall apps efficiently on macOS. During the installation of an app, files are placed in different folders on the hard drive, taking part of the space. The simple drag-and-drop operation may not completely remove everything related to the app. With MacRemover, you only need to go through 3 steps. View the video below to see how MacRemover uninstalls everything of the unwanted app thoroughly.

Step 1


Step 2


Step 3


The powerful app remover built for every Mac

Uninstalling apps on macOS can be easy as you think, but a bit difficult as it is. Because dragging the icon from the Application to the Trash is a right step to remove the app, but there are other steps you may miss - locating the remaining files of the app in difference folders of the system. That might sound tedious to you. But if you're really not interested in taking care of them yourself, give MacRemover a shot and find out whether this tool is worth your time.

  • Locate every installed app

    MacRemover locates all the apps that are currently installed on your Mac and shows them in a list, so you can see clearly what you're having.

  • Remove outdated apps

    If there is any app that you haven’t used for long or will not use it again, find and remove them effectively through MacRemover.

  • Say no to leftovers

    Don’t where to track down the leftovers? Not a problem anymore. MacRemover will remove the app along with its remaining files that regular uninstall may leave behind.

  • Remove incompatible apps

    MacRemover tells you if there is any incompatible app on your Mac, so that you can find out in time and perform the removal.

The first app uninstaller built for Mac devices, loved by 100,000+ users worldwide

MacRemover is a lightweight, fast and smart Mac app uninstaller to remove Mac app and associated files thoroughly without any hassle, eliminating leftovers and geting back plenty of space. It can effetively locate all the files of app installer package with .dmg and .pkg extentions, and delete them completely in safe and fast fashion. With MacRemover, everything's organized in one place, reclaiming precious disk space & improving performance without any hassle.

Intuitive and simplified removal wizard

The simple-to-follow removal wizard is made for everyone to use, and all the cleanup process is automated with only a few click-through buttons prompted for confirmation. Everything is clearly instructed and built to automate the process as much as possible.

Streamlined and workflow without any clutter

This lightweight app is made for machines of every specification. Built with performance in mind, everything is simplified and optimized to deliver the job in a few steps, offering a satisfied Mac experice you have ever had for every native Mac app. In addition, MacRemover can reliabely run on the older machines like OS X Mountain Lion as well as the latest macOS Big Sur, without being worried about your hardware issues.

Fast and powerful remover

The uninstall function is the core of MacRemover, which has been fully tested, continiously optimized and polished since the first release at 2012. MacRemover is capable of intelligently detecting and removing all the app and related files thoroughly. All the operations are fast, smooth and safe, without slowing down any of your device performace. With the help of MacRemover, all files are completely removed, including the leftover items that some apps usually leave behind, if manually uninstalled via deleting the app directly at the Application folder.

Smart and effective .pkg uninstaller

Besides the official .dmg app package, also called .dmg app installer, the much-improved capablity is built and optimized to remove the apps packed with the file extension .pkg thoroughly. After quick analysis, MacRemover can locate and remove the .pkg app & associated files all over the disk completely like a charm.

Features polished & new ones added regularly

MacRemover is one of the first Mac app uninstallers introduced for Mac in 2012, if not the first. Since then, we have been continiously polishing and actively adding new features for all of our paid users. Besides the regular maintenance, we are developing a new download manager feature for automated app download and updates. You can check the roadmap for our current development.

Affordable one-time pricing for everyone

We take every purchase very seriously. Every purchase is considered as a trust for us to continiouly develop this utility. For only 29.95, you will be granted to access all features MacRemover for life, as well as upgrades & technical support.

Yes, it is that simple to remove the unwanted app completely in a few steps

Step 1


In the compact app list, or the incoming drag & drop app uninstall, you can view the general info of the app like install date & file version, and then decide whether to remove it.

Step 2


The analysis on the selected app to be removed is thorough and completed within a few minutes. You will be presented with a detailed file list of the unwanted app, such as file name, file location and other file information.

Step 3


After reviewing the file list with caustion, you can remove all of them from the disk completely and permanently without any hassle, reclaiming the precious disk space within few minutes.

Award-winning priority support

Our support team is always at your service 24/7/365

We are proud of our technical support at every aspect. Unlike other big vendors, every technical support here at MacRemover is treated as priority support and replied by real people within 1 working day. We have successfully managed to run a solid support team serving the techinical needs of every paid user since 2012.

MacRemover should be able to deliver desired results most of the time, but in rare cases unexpected situations may still occur. If you are a registered user of MacRemover, feel free to seek help from our support team and provide details e.g. the name of the app you try to uninstall or by doing what you encounter such a problem. Then you'll receive a proper reply anytime soon.

What our support team can do for you

  • Provide answers/instructions towards your request
  • Provide any extra files that may be needed to solve the problem
  • Kindly give you advice/suggestion that can be helpful to your situation

What do our users say MacRemover is the best Mac Uninstaller?

We help more than 100,000 users across the globe manage & uninstall Mac apps with ease since 2012.

How can I remove a stubborn program? It has become a huge problem ever since I bought this Mac. Then I found your product when I was surfing for solutions, it has helped me out of the dilemma without causing any trouble. It rocks.

Sean Marcell

I spent a very long time on locating the cache files, logs and trash folders on Windows, let alone finding those on Mac. So I took my friend's advice to install MacRemover - problem solved. I think I'll renew it after this subscription.

Cameron P

It couldn't be better if there is a shortcut to remove all the unwanted, corrupted and incompatible apps within minutes. Thanks to MacRemover, everything became so easy to accomplish. It's important whether you find the right tool to maintain your PC.

Jordan T

It's inconvenient if you have to seek help from a computer maintainer every time there is something going wrong. I'm so glad to have your product to solve my problems in time, or things could get worse beyond my imagination.

Varina Glendon

With a professional tool on your Mac, you don't have to be that professional to handle things. That's what I found out after using your product. It does provide great convenience to a common user like me. You might also want to give it a shot.

Ryan D

I'm still at the learning phase for using better Mac, so it's still a little bit hard for me to completely remove a program. If it's a PUP, I will be totally lost. Never knew problems can be solved that quickly until I met MacRemover.

Dustin Graham

Remove Mac apps & leftovers completely

  • Complete .dmg & .pkg packages removal
  • Thorough app leftovers detection & removal
  • 10-year continous core updates & improvement
  • Lifetime license, lifetime updates & lifetime priority support

One-time rate.

30-day money back guarantee.