Guides to remove TextWrangler without leftovers remained

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TextWrangler, to some degree, might be a good companion, and an excellent text editor for some Mac users. Yet exceptions also exist. You may encounter troubles, for example, some errors could appear and then you may try to figure out how to remove this unfriendly application completely from your Mac. You may be attracted by this article because of the tittle, which is what you are eager to learn. Well, continue your reading, and you will get different solutions to fast remove TextWrangler  without leftovers.

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What are the leftovers of an application

You may be quite clear about the semantic meaning of leftovers, but when it comes to the leftovers of an application on computer, you might be a layman. But what can be sure is that you have noticed those leftovers, or you won’t be here.

When you sense that your Mac works slowly and even always stops working suddenly, you will try to remove something, such as to remove TextWrangler especially to remove TextWrangler completely, from your Mac because you know that would help. However, when you just drag the icon of TextWrangler to the Trash, you find it failed. Then you begin to realize there might be something else you haven’t removed— the leftovers.

what are those leftovers? In fact, leftovers is a general description, which contains the caches, registries, logs, and so on of an application. Leftovers seems negligible, but they take up the disk space on your Mac, and exert an bad effect on the operation of Mac. Thus, in order to create a lager and cleaner operation environment for your Mac, it is necessary to remove TextWrangler with no any leftover remained  when you finish your uninstall of it. Further more, leftovers exist in hidden places that show no traces in Finder, but you can find them in folders /Library/Application/Support/, /Library/Preferences/, and the /Library/Caches/ folder.

Remove TextWrangler without leftovers remained manually

you will only need to get rid of the leftovers of TextWrangler when you decide to uninstall this application. So, proceeding a complete removal of it will be important. Now here comes to the point. Are you really know how to remove TextWrangler entirely from your Mac? Are you just follow what you have already known— to uninstall it  by a simple drag-and-drop act? Now, here is the correct or the complete steps to have it removed entirely, and also to remove TextWrangler leaving no any leftover.

  • Open Finder and find out the icon of TextWrangler
  • Click the icon and hold it, and then drag the icon to the Trash on your Dock, which I think you have already known and already done before.

remove textWrangler leftovers

  • Head to Finder again, click the Go menu and select “Go to folder” in the pull-down list.

Remove TextWrangler leftovers

  • Search ~/library in the searching column of “Go to the folder”, click “Go” button

remove leftovers

  • Search the folder /Library/Application/Support/, and the /library/Preferences/, as well as the/Library/Caches/ folder, and then select all the files and folders and right click on them, and then click the  function  of “move to Trash” respectively.

remove leftoversremove TextWrangler leftoversremove TextWrangler leftovers

  • Go back to the Trash, right click on the icon of Trash, and then select “Secure Empty Trash”. But pay attention that this step can not undo, which means all files and folders in the Trash will be gone for good and never be found again, thus you need to be sure whether to empty Trash or not, and make sure there are no files that are removed mistakenly.


That is all about the right way to achieve complete removal of TextWrangler. The most important step is the fifth one, which acts as the key step to remove TextWrangler without leftovers left on your Mac. Manual uninstall acquires six steps in total, and it is also a time-consuming and traditional way to achieve application removal. To be honest, with new technologies developing, Mac users can choose some professional tools to remove applications and leftovers without any difficult and costing less time to succeed.

Recommended solution to remove TextWrangler leftovers

Compared with the traditional solution to remove TextWrangler without leaving leftovers on Mac, you can pick a faster method to help you out with a convenient and powerful uninstaller—MacRmover. With the help of the remover, you can completely remove TextWrangler leaving no leftovers within a few simple clicks. Before you can enjoy the convenience of removal, you can get your own remover,which will cost you nothing for installation.

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Instructions to remove TextWrangler leftovers

  • Step 1: launch your remover in Finder

remove leftovers

  • Step 2: make a single click on the icon of TextWrangler to highlight it, and then click the “Run Analysis” button

remove leftovers of TextWranglers

  • Step 3: click “Complete Uninstall” and then select “Yes” in the pop-up box that shows you Are you sure to remove TextWrangler, and then your work is done.


You may puzzle about the leftovers of TextWrangler wondering where are they. Actually, your remover has automatically scanned out all components, or the so-called leftovers of TextWrangler in the second step after you proceed the function”Run Analysis”, and the smart tool will tick all the files and folders for you to delete, thus when you finish your clicks, it is also the mark to remove TextWrangler without leftovers.

This article provides two solutions for you to remove TextWrangler without leftovers left. You can choose any one as you like. But it is strongly recommenced to use a smart third party remover to help you out for it is much easier to proceed and also time-saving for both newbie Mac users and those masters on Mac.

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