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“Can I uninstall Pixelmator?”, “How can I uninstall Pixelmator completely?”, “It is all done to drag the Pixelmator icon to the trash if I wanna uninstall it?” When you search for the answer of these questions, you may find this post, which provides you detailed instructions to remove Pixelmator in details. You can learn the regular method to have your Pixelmator uninstalled manually, or get it removed automatically.

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Regular Methods to Uninstall Pixelmator from Mac

Mac users always have many applications installed on his Mac, such as Pixelmator, the powerful image editing application. Yet few may know how to uninstall Pixelmator completely on his own. Actually, to make Pixelmator disappear, you can check whether you have followed all the right steps to uninstall Pixelmator. Check if you can find the icon of Pixelmator on the DOCK , when it does exist, try to proceed it and see the result, and then search for the related files of it on Mac. Generally, to uninstall applications manually, you can use different methods.

Details to Uninstall Packaged Applications

Packaged applications are easy to achieve complete removal because all the associated files and folders are included in the same file, and you can drag the icon of it to the trash without hesitation to reach your goal without hesitation. Here are the details you need to cover.

  • Step 1: Right click the icon of the application and then click “Show Package Contents” to make sure whether it is a packaged application or not.

uninstall mac application

  • Step2: When you are sure that the application you wanna remove is a packaged one, hold the icon and drag it to the Trash.

uninstall Pixelmator

  • Step3: Head to the Trash, make a single click on the Trash icon and then press keyboard shot-cuts Command+Del, or alternatively, right click the trash icon and select “Secure Empty Trash”, and then choose “Empty Trash” on the confirmation pop-up box.


To uninstall Packaged applications, you may just need to go through three steps. Yet when it comes to uninstalling applications which are not packaged ones. For example, when you wanna uninstall Pixelmator, you may need to adopt other solution.

Instructions to Uninstall Pixelmator Manually

It may be an easy job to drag the Pixelmator icon to the trash to finish its removal, but might be difficult to get rid of all it leftovers, which may take up much disk space of your Mac, leading to a slowdown of Mac operating. Therefore, the final target to uninstall Pixelmator is to have a entire removal of the application itself as well as the leftovers. Before you proceed your uninstall, you need to end the process of Pixelmator with your Activity Monitor, and then continue your removal. So, the instructions to uninstall Pixelmator there we goes!

  • Step 1: quit the process of Pixelmator. Launch your Activity Monitor, change the filter into “All process”, find out Pixelmator and click on it, and then click “Quit Process”.

mac uninstall

  • Step 2: Look for Pixelmator under the Applications menu in Finder, click and hold the icon and then drag it to the Trash.

uninstall Pixelmator

  • Step 3: Back to Finder and head to the Go menu, single click on Go, and then select Library in the pull-down list.

uninstall Pixelmator

  • Step 4: Search for three folders under Library, and then move all files in the folders to the Trash respectively. Specifically, search out the folders /Library/Applications Support/, /Library/Preferences/, and the folder /Library/Caches/.

uninstall pixelmator


  • Step 5: delete all files related to Pixelmator in these folders.

uninstall Pixelmator

  • Step 6: Empty Trash. Right click on the Trash icon and then select “Secure Empty Trash”. You can proceed this function on the condition that you won’t want Pixelmator any more and make sure that there are no mistakenly-deleted files.


Automatical Method to Uinstall Pixelmator (Recommended)

By contrast, you might prefer to uninstall pixelmator automatically for this method will save you lots of time. In deed, you can remove Pixelmator automatically with the help of an uninstaller. With the smart tool installed on your Mac, you can easily have your Pixelmator uninstalled without leaving leftovers by a few clicks.

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  • Step 1: Run your remover. Same as other applications on your Mac, you can launch it by double click the icon in your Finder or right click it and then click “open”.

uninstall Pixelmator

  • Step 2:Select Pixelmator by highlighting the icon with a single click, and then click “Run Analysis”.


  • Step 3: In this step , you can see there are many files and folders ticked for you after your proceeding step 2. All ticked files and folders are those leftovers you need to remove. You can just click “Complete Uninstall” to make them disappear from your Mac for good.

remove pixelmator

Did you see how easy it is to uninstall Pixelmator with an uninstaller in hand? Which method do you prefer to adopt to have a complete uninstall of Pixelmator? You might have your own answer. Personally, the way to remove Pixelmator with an uninstaller is strongly recommended to you. You can perform complete removal of any other application on your Mac without costing you too much time, offering clean disk space for your Mac. Eventually, you are welcomed to ask or leave your puzzles in Mac uninstall here. Thank you for reading.

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