Simplenote is a software to keep notes. You might install it hoping to enjoy a simple note keeping. Yet sometimes, you will mistakenly install it via some web-page browser, or some freeware’s installation by accident. When it suddenly shows up on your Mac, you may need to remove it. However, it is difficult to uninstall Simplenote when you know little about Mac uninstall. This passage is here providing you both manual and automatic methods to uninstall Simplenote entirely from your Mac.

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Application uninstall from Mac is a tough job for many people. Most of them always adopt the wrong way to achieve their removal by simply delete the main folder which contained in the icon, leaving the leftovers behind and then encounter a sudden slowdown or even crash of Mac. To uninstall Simplenote properly, you can perform a manual way or an automatic way to remove it s with sequential steps.

Manual Way to Uninstall Simplenote from Mac

Before you uninstall Simplenote, you need to make sure its process has been terminated. You can end the process with the Activity Monitor. Launch your Activity Monitor, change the filter into “All Process”, make a single click on the Simplenote, and then click the “Quit Process”button to terminate all process of it.

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If your Simplenote was frozen, you could still end the process with the keyboard shortcuts. Just press the Commend key+ Opt+Esc, click on the Simplenote icon in the pop-up dialogue box, and then click “Force Quit”to quit the process. Having terminating the process, now you can uninstall Simplenote via these steps as follows.

force quit processforce quit process 2

  • Step 1: Trash the main folder of Simplenote. Drag the Simplenote icon to the Trash after opened Finder or drag it to Trash from your DOCK.

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  • Step 2: Detect and delete the leftovers of Simplenote software. Leftovers including the logs, registries, caches and PLIST files are usually stored in three folders, i.e the folders /Library/Preferences/, /library/Application Support/ as well as the /library/Caches/ folder, which might be hard to search out for many users. You need to search for those folders and move all files in them to the Trash respectively.

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uninstall simplenote

  • Step 3: Clean up the Trash. Right click the Trash icon and select “Secure Empty Trash”and then make confirmation by clicking “Empty Trash”in the pop-up windows.

empty trash

To uninstall Simplenote manually, you need to cover many steps and do a detective work to search for the folders that contains leftovers. Yet it is not always so complex to perform manual removal. When the unwanted application is a packaged one, which stores all files and other components in the same folder, you can just drag the icon to the trash and then empty your Trash with the same way mentioned above. To figure out whether the would-be uninstalled application is a packaged one or not, you can right click its icon and then select “Show Package and Content” to judge and then utilize a proper way to remove it.

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Besides the regular way, you can also adopt an automatic way to uninstall Simplenote completely. Specifically, the automatic way means to have Simplenote uninstalled with the help of a smart remover, which enables you to achieve your removal within a few clicks in seconds.

Automatic Way to Uninstall Simplenote (Recommended)

Compared with the manual way, this method will save you a lot of time, and you don’t need to search for the folders that contains Simplenote’s leftovers. The remover will scan out all the related files and folders automatically for you, and all you need to do is to click your mouse during the removal. Before enjoying the pleasant trip to uninstall Simplenote from Mac, you need to get your own remover and have it installed on your Mac. You need to pay nothing for the remover installation.

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Details to uninstall Simplenote via a remover

  • Step 1: Launch the remover, you can launch it by double clicking the icon under the Applications menu in Finder or single click on it and then click “open”to proceed it.

uninstall Simplenote

  • Step 2: Click the button “Run Analysis”, which will search for the leftovers of Simplenote automatically and tick them for you to delete.

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  • Step 3: Finish your uninstall by clicking “Complete Uninstall”button.

uninstall simplenote

With three clicks, you can uninstall Simplenote within seconds. Either the manual way or the automatic way needs three steps to finish the removal of Simplenote. However, you need to do more during the manual uninstall. It seems that you just need to go through three steps to perform the removal, yet actually, you need to perform three minor steps in the second step of the regular uninstall method. Compared with the complexity and the trivial work you need to cover, it is strongly recommended to adopt the automatic method to uninstall Simplenote, which makes Simplenote removal easy for all levels of Mac users.

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At last,you’d batter not just proceed a simple drag-and-drop act trying to uninstall Simplenote quickly and ignoring the potential problems your Mac may suffer. As the saying goes, “Haste makes waste”, to achieve thorough removal of Simplenote, you need to adopt a proper way.

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