How can you uninstall Popcorn Time 5.3.1 drastically from Mac


uninstall Popcorn Time 5.3.1Even there are many Mac users who have been using Mac computers for a long time, it remains a big problem to uninstall programs from Mac. Hereby, we are going to discuss and illustrate how to completely uninstall Popcorn Time 5.3.1 from Mac with various methods.

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What you should know about Popcorn Time 5.3.1

Some users may prefer to perform the uninstallation of Popcorn Time 5.3.1 from Mac by just dragging the icon to the Trash. Those who usually do that might not know that how many hidden files comprising Popcorn Time.

What makes an application running is not just a single icon you see on your computer. Dragging the single icon to the Trash can just delete the executable program files of Popcorn Time, which is also true of any other applications on your Mac computer.

Before your uninstallation of Popcorn Time, you may need to know the details of this seemingly onefold application. Here are some of the additional files of Popcorn Time 5.3.1, which take up about 68.2 MB together with the executable program files:
* PopcornTimeUpdater.exe – Popcorn Time (Popcorn Time Updater)
* Uninstall.exe
* Updater.exe – Updater
* libcef.dll – Chromium Embedded Framework (CEF) Dynamic Link Library
* icudt.dll (by The ICU Project) – International Components for Unicode (ICU Data DLL)
* libGLESv2.dll – ANGLE libGLESv2 Dynamic Link Library
* libEGL.dll – ANGLE libEGL Dynamic Link Library
* libeay32.dll (by The OpenSSL Project, – The OpenSSL Toolkit (OpenSSL shared library)
* cef_dll.dll
* echo.dll
* Popcorn-Time.exe
* unins000.exe – Setup/Uninstall

How to correctly uninstall Popcorn Time 5.3.1 manually from Mac

If you are trying to perform a typical way to remove Popcorn Time from your Mac, do remember that you need to accomplish three major tasks:

  1. Removing the main files of Popcorn Time
  2. Detecting and deleting all the components of the unwanted application
  3. Cleaning up the Trash, which will be the last step when to remove Popcorn Time 5.3.1

Now let’s get started and follow the instructions here to completely uninstall Popcorn Time 5.3.1

  • Quit the process of Popcorn Time via Activity Monitor. Launch your Activity Monitor, change the filter into “All Process”, click on Popcorn Time if there is any active process of it, and then click “Quit Process”.

quite process 1
Or alternatively, you can switch on the Activity Monitor by pressing down Command+ Option+ Escape keys on your keyboard. Click on the application and then select “Force Quit” to end the process. If there is a pop-up window asking for your confirmation, then just confirm it.

force quit process

force quit process 2

  • Remove the main files of Popcorn Time by dragging its icon to the Trash.

uninstall Popcorn Time 5.3.1

  • Locate and delete the additional files of Popcorn Time. Navigate to the Library folder by clicking on Go> Go to Folder, enter “~Library” on the search box and then click on “Go”.

08 go to folder

  • Open Preferences folder and then locate the files related to popcorn Time, select all the target files and move them all to the Trash.


Popcorn Time Preference files

  • Delete Support files. Back to the Library, open the Application Support folder, and delete Popcorn Time support files.

PopcornTime Applciation Support

Ppt support files


  • Clean up caches. Open the Caches folder under Library, trash the files associated with Popcorn Time.

Popcorn Time Caches folder

Cache files of Popcorn Time

  • Check and empty Trash. Check whether there are any files you want to keep on your computer, remove them from Trash. Right click on the Trash icon, select “Secure Empty Trash” to finish all your work to uninstall Popcorn Time 5.3.1 from Mac manually.

empty trash

Recommended way to uninstall Popcorn Time 5.3.1 automatically

There are totally seven steps you need to perform in order to remove Popcorn Time 5.3.1 in a manual way. Yet for the majority of Mac users, such a complex way may not be the best solution. To completely and correctly remove Popcorn Time 5.3.1, you can try a new way that will allow you to finish your uninstallation with just a few clicks in seconds.

To carry out an automatic removal of Popcorn Time 5.3.1, you will need to use a third-party professional uninstaller, which will be free to download and install onto your Mac. So, let’s see how easily you can uninstall Popcorn Time 5.3.1 within seconds.

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  • Launch the uninstaller in Finder or in the DOCK, and then you will be directed to the main interface of the uninstaller.

remove Popcorn Time 5.3.1

  • Click on the Popcorn Time icon and then Proceed “Run Analysis”, which will scan out all related remnant files of Popcorn Time 5.3.1 for you automatically.

uninstall Popcorn Time

  • Click on the “Complete Uninstall” button and then confirm your operation by clicking “YES” in the pop-up window.

uninstall Popcorn Time

Eventually you will be able to completely remove Popcorn Time 5.3.1 from your Mac with these simple three steps.

Other available way to uninstall Popcorn Time 5.3.1 from Mac

You can remove Popcorn Time from your Mac with the methods above, and also remove Popcorn Time 5.3.1 from the Launchpad if you purchased it via the App Store.

  • Press down the Option key on your keyboard for a few seconds or you can click and hold on the Popcorn Time icon until the icons on your Launchpad wiggle.
  • Click on the “×” on the left upper corner of the program icon.

uninstall via Launchpad

Yet this method works the same with the drag-and-drop one, which is just able to delete the executable program files of Popcorn Time 5.3.1. If you intend to get rid of all the traces of Popcorn Time 5.3.1 from your Mac, you will need to detect the components and trash them manually following the instructions mentioned above.

In short, if you are trying to uninstall popcorn Time 5.3.1, you can choose any of all the methods here. But if you want to fast remove the program together with the remnant files of it, it’s better for you to adopt the automatic one, which allows you to remove and eliminate everything about Popcorn Time 5.3.1 with simple steps.

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