How to Totally Uninstall CyberGhost 5 v5.0.14.12 in Seconds

uninstall CyberGhost
When you installed CyberGhost 5 onto your Mac, what you were installing is not just the simple single icon that you can see on your Mac computer. There are several things hidden behind the icon, which determines that you will have to remove all those hidden files when to uninstall CyberGhost 5. Given that you have no idea how to remove CyberGhost 5, this post will guide you to fast uninstall CyberGhost 5 v5.0.14.12 in details.

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Unlike some other applications, CyberGhost 5 doesn’t prepare you a built-in uninstall program, thus you may need to figure it out in some other ways. Hereby, we will demonstrate two available ways to bail you out of the difficulty to remove CyberGhost 5 v5.0.14.12 in Mac OS X.

Way 1: Uninstall CyberGhost 5 v5.0.14.12 Thoroughly with Manual Operations

This method may be hard for average Mac users, especially those who just switch to Mac from Windows, thus it is more recommended to the advanced Mac users to perform. To totally remove CyberGhost 5 v5.0.14.12 from Mac, you will need to fulfill these goals:

  • Quit the processes of CyberGhost 5 before uninstalling;
  • Remove the executable files of the program from your Mac;
  • Clean up the leftovers of CyberGhost 5;
  • Clear your Trash, which is easy to be neglected.

Already clear about what to do, and now you can get started to manually uninstall CyberGhost 5 v5.0.1.12 from your mac with the following instructions.

Step 1: kill all the processes of CyberGhost 5 v via Activity Monitor.

  • Click on the Go menu on top of your screen, select “Utilities” and then you will be directed to a new window.


  • Find out Activity Monitor, double click on the icon to launch it.

03 utilities-activity monitor

  • Change the filter into “All process” click on CyberGhost 5 if it is active and then choose “Quit Process” on the interface.


For those who are using a newer version of Mac, you can kill the process of the target program like this:
Click on the target process, and then click on the quit process button, which will just displays as a simple cross on the left upper corner on the window. Select “Quit”button on the pop-up window.

quit process

quit process confirm
If the process are frozen and you can’t even stop its running with that operation, just press down Command+ Option+ Escape key on your keyboard, highlight the process and then choose “Force Quit” to force exit the process.

force quit process

force quit process 2

Step 2: Delete the main files of CyberGhost 5

  • Right click on the program icon, and then select “Move to Trash” to remove the executable files of it, or you can just click and hold the icon, and then drag it to the Trash.

Trash CyberGhost 5

Step 3: Search for the leftovers of CyberGhost 5 under the path ~/Library/Preferences/, ~/Library/ Application Support/, and ~/Library/Caches/.

  • Click on Go button on top of your screen, click on Library from the list, if you can’t find Library on the list, hold down the Option key and then you can find and click on “Library” option. Alternatively, you can also select “Go to folder”, enter “~Library” on the pop-up window and then click on “Go” button.

uninstall CyberGhost 5 V5.0.14.12

  • Open Application Support folder under Library menu

CyberGhost Application Support folder

  • Double click to enter the folder named CyberGhost 5 , and then delete all the files inside the folder.

CberGhost 5 Support files

  • Go back to the Library window, open the Preferences folder.


  • type “cyberghost” on the search blank on the interface, and limit the search scope to “Preferences” folder instead of “This Mac”, and then move all the files inside to the Trash.

CyberGhost Preferences files

  • Do the same trick to locate and delete the junk files related to CyberGhost 5 in Caches folder. Enter “cyberghost” on the searching area, limit the search scope to Caches folder, and then delete the relevant files of CyberGhost inside the folder.


Caches files

This is how you can totally remove CyberGhost 5 with manual operations from your Mac computer. Of course, this complex uninstall method is not the only way you can perform the uninstallation. Instead, there is an alternative that allows you to uninstall CyberGhost 5 v5.0.14.12 completely in seconds with just a few clicks.

Way 2: Instructions to Uninstall CyberGhost 5 v5.0.14.12 with Automatic Operations

Different from the manual uninstall way with complex instructions, this approach enables you to have a complete uninstallation of CyberGhost 5 with simple three steps.

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  • Step 1: Download and activate the smart tool you will need here.

Download the professional uninstaller

  • Step 2: Launch the smart tool, highlight CyberGhost 5 icon with one click and then click on “Run Analysis” button.

uninstall CyberGhost 5.014.12

  • Step 3: Click on “Complete Uninstall” button and then choose “YES” on the pop-up window to finish your removal.

uninstall CyberGhost

Unlike the manual way, this method allows you to have a fast removal of CyberGhost 5. With the help of such a smart tool, you can easily uninstall CyberGhost 5 v5.0.14.12 completely from your Mac computer, and can also fast remove any other unwanted applications in Mac OS X. Now that the automatic way can largely save your time during uninstallation and keep your Mac clean and tidy, why not go ahead with it?

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