How To Remove Kodi on macOS(Mac OS X)?

remove Kodi

This removal guide is for the latest version of Kodi for Mac. To completely remove Kodi, we have done much technical analysis on it. If you want to remove Kodi manually, you need to know the following installation information.

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1> Information of Kodi installer:

  • Format: DMG
  • Size: 68.7 MB

The following is the information about files, folders and processes after Kodi is installed. With this information in hand we can now manually uninstall Kodi completely.

2> Basic information of the app:

  • Size: 170 MB

3> Add-on software:

  • Python 2.6

4> Process information:

    4.1 Main process:

    • Kodi
    4.2 Associated process:

    • Koid

5> Folders:

  • Python 2.6
  • Kodi

6> Files:

  • *.pyo
  • lib*.dylib
  • Kodi.log

7> Framework/Extensions/XPC/Plugins/dylib

  • libass.5.dylib
  • lbbluray.1.dylib
  • libcec.3.0.dylib
  • libcurl.4.dylib
  • libgif.7.dylib
  • libGLEW.1.7.0.dylib
  • libmpeg2.0.dylib
  • libnfs.4.dylib
  • libplist.1.dylib
  • libSDL-1.2.0.dylib
  • libshairplay.0.dylib
  • libsmbclient.dylib

Simply dragging Kodi to Trash cannot uninstall it completely to free disk space on Mac OS but leave a lot of remnant files.

How to manually remove Kodi completely?

  • 8.1> Start Activity Monitor. Select the process name “Kodi” and hit the “Force Quit” button.
  • 8.2> Open Applications folder. Find “Kodi” and drag it to Trash.
  • 8.3> Open Finder or Spotlight. Search for Kodi files and folders and delete them.

How to automaticlly remove Kodi ?

Download MacRemover

  • 9.1> Install and Start MacRemover
  • 9.2> Launch the MacRemover, highlight the icon of Kodi and then click “Run Analysis”, which will scan out all the traces of the unwanted application automatically.
  • 9.3> Click on the “Complete Uninstall” button and then choose “YES” to confirm your operation.

Watch the video: How to remove Kodi

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