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Dear readers, if you are reading this post, you might have troubles in how to uninstall LibreOffice from your Mac. I used to like most of you, but after trying for times, I know how to remove LibreOffice thoroughly. Now I would like to share with all of you. So do not worry, all your problems will be solved after reading this post.

First, I would like to tell you that there are two ways to uninstall LibreOffice thoroughly. First one is removing LibreOffice and all its related leftovers by yourself, but it takes you some time to finish, so it is a little troublesome. If you are careless, you might miss some leftovers. The second one is uninstalling it with a smart tool, MacRemover, which helps you uninstall it effectively. All you need to do is click your mouse. If you have made up your mind to uninstall LibreOffice, keep reading, the article will introduce the two ways in details.

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Manually Uninstall LibreOffice on Mac

All of us know that when we want to uninstall an App, we usually delete it from Mac to the Trash, it is called removing an App. so removing LibreOffice simply deletes its main file on Mac, but all its additional files stay on Mac. Uninstalling LibreOffice should deal with both main and attached files and then erase them. So if you want to remove LibreOffice manually, you should remove all the related files. Let’s see how to manually remove LibreOfficeL and it’s attached files.

1. For the Mac users, deleting LibreOffice from Mac into the Trash is the most common way to remove it . But there is one thing you should remember that when you remove LibreOffice from Mac, its additional files that have been installed and stay on your Mac. They take valuable space and make your Mac work slowly. So if you really want to free up Mac’s space, follow the steps which delete this program:

  • Open the folder where the App is located
  • Click on the application icon and hold it
  • Move the icon to the trash


  • Clean trash by clean on Empty the Trash


2. That is how to remove LibreOffice from in no time. But I have mentioned before that some files attached to the App still stay on Mac after deleting the program. This four steps does not help to erase the leftovers, a bunch of files keep staying on Mac although all steps are over. Now we need to get rid of them manually. It can be more complicate, because all those files can be located in different places on Mac. It will take some time and effort to find all of them and uninstall LibreOffice thoroughly. There are what you need to do:

  • Firstly,open the finder, go to the Menu Bar, open the “go“menu, select the entry: | Go to Folder… And then enter the path of the Application Support folder: ~/Libraryuninstall Zoosk Massenger
  • Secondly, search for any files or folders with the name of application or its vendor in the ~/Library/Preferences/ , ~Library/Application support/ and ~/Library/Caches/ folders. Right click on those items and click Move to Trash to delete them.  4

Now I have shown you how to manually uninstall LibreOffice thoroughly. I have told this way is not as good as you expected, especially for those new Mac users. If you are interested in a more effective and easier way, I suggest you get to know the second way – a smart tool, MacRemover. It can help uninstall any unwanted App without any leftovers. Let’s get to know more information about it.

Download MacRemover

How to uninstall LibreOffice on Mac with MacRemover

Before introduce this method, I would like to tell you that MacRemover is a lite but powerful application that helps you thoroughly uninstall unwanted Apps form your Mac PC. Once you install it, it will surely stay on your Mac for a long time as it is really helpful. This method does not need some skills, learn more details about how it work to uninstall LibreOffice.

1. Download MacRemover, drag its icon to the Application folder to finish installing.


2. Open the Launchpad, then Launch MacRemover. All the App installed on your Mac is on the list. Try to find LibreOffice icon from the App list, select it and click Run Analysis button to proceed.


3. MacRmover will review related files and folders, then you can click Complete Uninstall button.


4. You will receive a message which states that “Are you sure want to remove LibreOffice ” ?, click “yes” to uninstall LibreOffice. Then a new window will display to inform you that you have been Uninstalled it successfully.


Congratulations! At the end of the last step, you have known how to uninstall LibreOffice on Mac. You do not need to worry if there is some leftovers anymore. MacRemover works out for you to erase unneeded files. I think this App can be your best assistant to uninstall any unwanted Apps. Next time you need to get rid of other Apps such as Found, Reeder 2 and so on , MacRemover also be ready be help you a lot. Do not hesitate to try it , you will not regret.

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